age : 25
profession : actress.

She wears Jean-Paul Gauthier trousers and cap, Mango tee-shirt, vintage boots and Zara bag.

age :23
profession : art and music coordinator 

He wears japanese carpenter trousers, Nike sneakers, vintage t-shirt, vintage hat and a japanese vintage bag.

age : 19
profession : model.

She is wearing a Ventilo jacket, Pierre Hardy western boots and a Tsumori Chisato dress.

age : 21.
profession : student at St Martin's School in London.

She is completely dressed in vintage. She made the necklace herself. 

age : 19
profession : shop assistant at "Why".

He is wearing a pair of "April 77" jeans, "0044" jacket and "0044" t-shirt.

age : 28
profession : shoe designer.

He is wearing Red jeans, vintage t-shirt, shoes from his collection " Dragovan ", and silver jewels from Serbia.

What a pleasure it is to walk the streets of  Paris, or just sit on a swanky terrace at Trocadero and watch the yuppies go by on their scooters. This is a city that truly embraces fashion and impeccable style, be it done by everyone in their own way. The fun thing is that no-one seems to be held back by what others might think of them. On the contrary, most Parisians go out, spend a lot of money on some nice gear and fabulous shoes and just strut their stuff, like they should!  Here we can find anyone from Harajuku girl tourists, to the ever classic French mademoiselles, very slick and sophisticated men, but also nonchalant fashionable grungy types. There’s just so much to discover in Paris. Reason enough for Iconique to boldly take the camera to the streets of Paris, and capture those who we think are unique in their style and fashion. 

Photography by Alexandra Gaita / Text by Laura George

Music Jane Birkin/Di Doo Dah

age : 24
profession : journalist.

She is wearing a Balenciaga pullover, Paul Smith hat and an indian silk scarf.

age : 17
profession : high school student.

She is wearing only vintage stuff, bought from Guerissol (Paris).

age : 26
profession : student.

She is wearing a D&G vintage corset, vintage wig, Nokia mobile phone and Sergio Rossi stilettos.

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