We are proud to present works by graphic artist Jasper Goodall.

Goodall rose to public attention with his style defining work for The Face magazine in 2000-2003 influencing a generation of illustrators and helping pave the way for illustration's resurgence and reinvention in recent years. The works on Les Arts Digitales are part of the exhibition Poster Girl, his first solo show of personal work at Electric Blue Gallery.

The work explores the notion of fantasy versus reality, a subject which has fascinated Goodall for some time. "Sexual attraction, I believe is almost entirely down to our fantasies, after all when you first meet someone you don't know them, but you make up and idea about them in your mind and it's this fantasy that you are attracted to. Once you get to know them, all too often the fantasy doesn't match with the reality, I think it's why such a large proportion of relationships don't really get off the ground!"

The work is playful and sexual and is about disguise, masking, dressing up and presenting a face. Fantastical illustrated bodies are held up in front of real models, and the resulting photograph is both fantasy and reality, illustration and photography.

Goodall cites pop artist Allen Jones as a big inspiration for this work - "I love the images he made for the Pirelli calendar where he painted on top of photographs of models, imposing his fantasy world onto the images of women"

The images have a strong nod toward fetishism, lots of shiny rubber and gloopy gloss, and a sense of anonymity through the use of masks. One image stands out in particular, that of a voluptuous female figure clad in tight black latex with the head of Bambi, Goodall explains that he is interested in certain recurrent themes within sexuality and in particular fetishism, he is as intrigued as much by their repetition and the resulting cliché that occurs, as he is intrigued by the actual content of the idea. For example: the idea of fallen innocence is of course a biggy for sexual fantasy, and one manifestation that crops up often in fetishism is the Sexualized Nun (complete with black latex habit!) Guilty, illicit pleasure by breaking the rules of chastity. Of course the Bible would have us believe that the world of sin was born out of one moment of rule breaking in the garden of eden - the eating of a forbidden fruit and the resultant loss of virginity and innocence of Adam and Eve.

"I liked the idea that I could corrupt Bambi, a modern day symbol of innocence and turn her 'bad' thus re creating the nun cliche in a new way."



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