In the fall of the year 2000 the first version of Iconique.com arrived on the Internet. 'It is time for a site where Internet Meets Style both design and content wise.' as quoted back then by its founder Joost van Gorsel. His unique ability to mix animation and music with refreshing, stylish content proved to be a winner among the internet's fashion lovers.

Since its launch Iconique has been published in many magazines, newspapers, websites and books and won several web awards. 'Our goal is to create a certain vibe, by which style, fashion and a sense of creativity will be conveyed to our visitors. We want our guests to be exposed to the best. This obviously includes our most important section, Fashion & Style, with its animated editorials, Virtual Catwalk, fashion news and much more. We want to present the young and upcoming, as well as the renowned top designers.'

From its start Iconique has had many positive reactions. Many websites and magazines have mentioned Iconique as an inspiring website full of dazzling content and the Iconique people also appeared in a number of (inter)national television programs.

Lucire, the global fashion magazine, wrote
'We love the Flash graphics, the sound, even the 'Welcome to Iconique.com' announcement. Various catwalk shows are profiled in the Style section. This international site is impressive and energetic.'

Or, as could be read in the Swedish paper Expressen: 'For some reason it is still difficult to find a virtual magazine that doesn't exist just because there is a lack of resources to produce a paper one. But the guys behind the style-, trend- and art- magazine Iconique wouldn't make Iconique to a paper magazine. It would be impossible. The reason is the maximum utilisation of the web's possibilities by which a completely unique magazine where sound, picture and text are being mixed in a surprising combination can also be realized. The fashion is presented by pictures with sexy music on virtual catwalks. But why be satisfied with this? Why not go to the department for virtual art, where different artists and collections are presented. Meet an electro rock band, or download a nice t-shirt design to iron on your own sweatshirt. The rest you will have to discover on your own. Make sure that you have a powerful connection!'

Iconique was chosen as one of the top 10 fashion magazines by ‘Business to Fashion’ in 2008: ‘First launched in 2000 (and therefore, a pioneer in this space), Iconique magazine is the  brainchild of of Joost van Gorsel. Designed using flash, which is not necessarily great for quick download times, the site still manages to evoke real moods and tantalise with its virtual catwalks, stylish podcasts and a sexy welcome message.’ Its position in the top 10 also landed Iconique in the New York Times.

Van Gorsel: 'Iconique is known for its distinctive design and creativity. We want to offer our visitors a true experience by serving a cocktail of editorial content, animation and music. Special presentations are frequently created and its design changes often. We aim to be the most visually stimulating fashion magazine online, we were one of the first to do this.' 'The website is intended for a young and avant-garde audience that keeps an eye open for the good things in life…and are willing to spend some money on it too.'

About Iconique's design Joost says 'I tried to create a certain atmosphere on Iconique. I wanted it to be stylish since its focus is on fashion, and our visuals make that possible. Because fashion is all about emotion the use of music and motion offers the website that extra touch and it stimulates creativity. Our Special Editions make that even more clear for we do not simply post fashion pictures like most other sites do. That is way too easy. I try to create e-motion, a mood. We explore the profitableness of rich media to the most.'
For its 2008 redesign Iconique brings back the fantasy in fashion by using striking graphics in a surreal setting. Van Gorsel ‘Fashion is changing, the market has grown and luxury brands have democratized, one should never forget the modern fairytales fashion can evoke, Iconique wants to bring the Fantasy back in Fashion…’

The Iconique Studio can provide you with the distinctive look you've been looking for. We understand the luxury market and could be the creative force you need. What makes Iconique Unique?

  • we aim to be the web's most visually stimulating fashion and lifestyle magazine

  • with stylish, avant-garde content

  • underground yet glamorous

  • with a young and passionate spirit


We received various emails from people who have been charged on their credit cards or paypal accounts by a website called TheIconique.com

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Joost van Gorsel (1980) is the creative and corporate mind behind Iconique. Although his formal education is in business, he developed a passion for design during the course of his studies. Van Gorsel founded Iconique Fashion Magazine in the year 2000 and has worked on numerous projects as an art director for a growing international clientele.

Iconique.com has won several web awards, appeared in books and has been published in numerous magazines. The best of Iconique (Excess: In here life is beautiful) was also shown in the Boijmans Museum in the year 2005 during ‘Project Rotterdam’.

Van Gorsel won the Dutch L’Oréal Marketing Awards in 2003 representing Erasmus University of Rotterdam and was awarded the ‘Best Overall Business Plan Award’ in 2006 by the Development Cooperation City of Rotterdam.

The young art-director has a Master of Science degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His master thesis was written on the subject of ‘The democratization of luxury goods in the fashion industry’. Van Gorsel is also the co-founder of the successful Mode Marché, a stock sample sale for young and established designers in the Netherlands.

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Gilbert Boisson, Style Columnist

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