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Singapore Singapore, a city which stands out not only because of its magnificently broad range of different cuisines, luxurious shopping areas and nightlife hotspots. However, this is merely the tip of the iceberg, for you can stroll along the many beautiful sites, without having to spend a single dime. The splendour of the botanical architecture is customary to Singapore's way of making things even nicer than they already are, and can be found almost anywhere. Whether you are in the National Botanical Gardens or in one of the many parks, nature and urban life work harmoniously together and this is one of the reasons why we think Singapore stands on its own.

Iconique visited one of South East Asia's sleekest cities and came back with a report on what you must see and do, when visiting Singapore. We will focus at the places to eat, drink, dance, shop, stay, and do your necessary sightseeing.

Shop Where to Shop?

Orchard Road
Stores open by 10am or 11am depending on the mall, but if you're in the area by 10am there will be things to look at. The entire stretch is crammed with shopping malls, such as Ngee Ann City, which we will be discussing later. For some serious designer shopping, go across Orchard Road, in the direction of Tanglin Road. 
Palais Renaissance is full of designer boutiques such as Prada, DKNY, Versace, and Bill Blass. Across the street is the Hilton Hotel Shopping Arcade, which features labels like Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Gucci and Coach.  Hilton Hotel connects to the Four Seasons Hotel, which boasts the Club 21 boutiques for both men and women, offering a mixed bag of designer labels. 

Ngee Ann City 
An excellent one-stop shopping place is the huge Ngee Ann City, which houses department stores Takashimaya, and Tangs Studio, as well as numerous designer and mid-priced boutiques, restaurants and specialty shops.  The designer labels that are resident in Ngee Ann City are: Christian Dior, Celine, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, etc. A true Iconique favourite! 

A large Japanese mall, with a very nice, yet not so huge Hello Kitty goodies department, and various other nice Asian toys. However fun this may seem, Takashimaya is not only limited to the younger shop-a-holics though.
There are many different departments, such as luxury items, interior decoration, food, clothing, souvenirs and beauty products. Everything can be found right under this big roof!

Raffles City Mall 
Raffles City Mall  Featuring a major Department Store (Robinsons), and Gourmet Supermarket (Jasons), this centre also has over 100 specialty shops, including Marks & Spencer. A concierge service offers shoppers a friendly information service plus those little extras like gift-wrapping. The shopping mall is directly linked to the City Hall MRT Station. 

The Heeren Shops 
It's as simple as this: The Heeren Shops is a collection of quirky lifestyle shops. From hip shops like Black Jack and Flash N Splash, to popular Japanese concept stores like One.99 Shop and Basic Beauty, The Heeren Shops has it all. Unfortunately, there is no "haute" designer stuff. The Heeren Shops houses the largest music store, HMV, in Singapore too. 

Suntec City Mall
This is Singapore's largest shopping complex, with over 250 retail, dining and entertainment outlets. Over 70 fashion, footwear and accessory outlets stocking famous brands make this a "must-visit" destination. The Mall offers service desks, dental, medical, laundry, banking – all designed to enhance the shopping experience.

Wisma Atria 
Situated at the heart of Orchard Road with the porcelain blue facade and directly linked to the Orchard MRT, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre is the most prominent feature in the busiest part of Orchard Road. 
A premier fashion centre with exciting combination of over 123 specialty stores and restaurants spread over 5 levels. Wisma Atria Shopping Centre with anchor tenant Isetan offers the latest in designer labels from Emporio Armani to Atsuro Tayama and the popular Spanish label Mango, while boutiques like BCBG Max Azria, Warehouse, Topshop, bebe, Anterprima, Karen Millen offer everything from affordable casual wear to upmarket togs. 
A unique characteristic of the mall is the marine aquarium at the basement housing a colourful myriad of fishes and ocean creatures. Shoppers can enjoy viewing the colourful marine life at the basement itself or use the glass bubble lifts as 'submarines' for a closer look at the sea creatures.

Little India arcade 
Centred on Serangoon Road, Little India boasts rows of shop houses selling saris, Indian sweets and sweet-smelling flower garlands. There are also restaurants galore for the adventurous. Temples in the area include Sri Veerama Kaliaman and Sri Srinivasa Perumal. And get a first hand look at prata flipping - lumps of white dough are flipped into flat discs that are fried and served with curry gravy. 

Chinatown is also a treasure trove of souvenirs. A good place to soak up some old-world ambience. Ask the cab driver to drop you off at People's Park and just wander around Pagoda, Smith, Temple and Mosque Streets for a feel of what life used to be like for the old residents. Medicine shops still offer an esoteric range of cures and tonics, while local craftsmen making clogs, kites and traditional seals can still be found. 


Orchard Road:
Almost all shopping malls can be found at Orchard Road, stroll along this beautiful street and you will see them all...maps are available at various MRT stations with that easily show where you can find which stores.

Ngee Ann City

Ngee Ann City 
391A Orchard Rd

The Heeren Shops
260 Orchard Road

Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
435 Orchard Road

Not on Orchard Road:
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252, North Bridge road

Suntec City Mall
03 Temasek Boulevard




Where to Eat?
Just about everywhere in Singapore you will find food, and good food too! Even when suffering from a tight budget you can have a nice plate full of traditional asian goodies. The hawker/foodcentres are ideal for a quick bite to eat for a very nice price! Here are a two of our favourite foodcentres, regarding the food, the drinks and the entourage.

Raffles City Foodcentre
First up is the foodcentre at Raffles City shopping mall, which is relatively new. You cannot really speak of an interior with these establisments, yet what we can speak of  is whether it looks slightly modern and clean. And yes, this is the case with the foodcentre at Raffles City. A wide range of different cuisines is at hand, so do not be surprised if you find yourself lingering amongst the stands a bit longer than you expected. Do not miss the fruitbar for a healthy and scrumptious fruitplate or a wholesome juice/shake.

Novena Foodcentre
Here you can sit outside when you are not so much in favour of the icey cold airco the Singaporeans so much adore. The variety of cuisines is slightly limited, for most stands serve chinese dishes ( Cantonese, Szechuan, etc.) Nevertheless, the Peking duck ( whole ones are sold too) is nice.The setting has the most modern appearance of all foodcentres. Novena is very well lighted out, the furniture is all white and everything is being kept spotless by the cleaning crew. This foodcentre is a bit outside the shopping areas, it is however near Novena subway station.

For the posh eaters, who would rather opt for a little more privacy, we have lined up some of Singapore's best restaurants.

Marmalade is situated in the colonial hart of Singapore, at Purvis Street, very near to the famous Raffles Hotel. What strikes you first when entering is that the interior is minimalist, with contrasting white tables against the dark wooden panelling on the walls, and the thick dark carpet flooring. The lighting too is kept to a somewhat dim level, which makes the setting even more on the edge of a stylish, yet intimate ambience.
Of course, what is at equal, or maybe of even more importance, is the food served at Marmalade. The menu is not quite the elaborate, but it appears this is done for the simple fact that quantity surpasses quantity. The dishes are European influenced and maybe even slightly fusionlike. One of the starters, for instance, that we found absolutely divine, was the pan-fried foie gras. The crispiness of the pan-frying together with the smoothness within the foie gras was mouth-watering. The green salad with cold lobster was not quite as surprising; nevertheless it was very fresh and enjoyable. During the starters freshly homebaked rolls were served out, which was very nice. Precedent to the starters an appetising cocktail was served and in this case it was the restaurant's speciality, namely the 'Marmalade' cocktail. It was a mixture of lemon juice, vodka and some other special ingredients, and indeed it had a pleasantly warming effect on our state of mind. 
The maincourses were again very good and accompanying to the food, several European wines were recommended by the very friendly and galant staff. For dessert we chose the chocolate tart with fondant and kumquats and a huge bowl with several scoops of ice cream and optional garniture. People with a sweettooth would certainly get their satisfaction, and not just because the serving of the ice cream is enormous. 

Marmalade Restaurant

Both the restaurant manager Mr. Ivan Rodriguez and the serving personnel were very elegant and forthcoming, with an ever-enduring smile; one could really get used to, for instance when outside Singapore. However, this might be a little too much expected of European colleagues. Always looking out if the guests were in need of anything without coming across too intrusive, the Marmalade staff made you feel a real guest. 

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
Seriously less grandiloquent, yet ever so mouthwatering  is eating seafood at Long Beach Seafood restaurant. Freshly prepared fish, prawns, crabs and other shellfish take you to another level. We do recommend you try the tigerprawns in butter sauce. No more is to be said here…though the crew not that friendly to tourists, but the food makes that up.

Key Largo
Staying with the seafood theme, another nice restaurant is Key Largo. Because it is situated along Boat Quay, you can go for a lovely stroll along the Singapore river or you can go for a drink at one of the many bars/pubs, whilst ignoring the somewhat tacky music. Dining outside would be the most favourable though. 

Club Chinois
East meets West at Club Chinois, which is a dignified restaurant , run by a traditional Chinese family. The interior is none too overwhelming, in fact even slightly calming. The tables are set in white linen, beautiful croakery and silver cutleries. The atmosphere is to say a bit chic. The culinary concoctions are fusion and are definitely not to be underestimated. Taste how foie gras and crackling of duckskin form a perfect marriage. Dining at Club Chinois is a relaxing experience for the senses. 

When in Singapore you simply cannot escape the lovely Indian food. Most of the Indian restaurants are not that chic, but they are  heap-cheap. Choose from Northern Indian cooking,which is mild and creamy, or Southern Indian cooking, which is hot and spicy. Obviously, you can find Delhi in Little India. Sitting ooutside is an option and this is the way to get a taste of the tumult and mysterious public life in Little India. The staff is very friendly and no complaints about the food too. Tip: Look up the exotic names of all those Indian dishes in your travellerguide for a translation before making your choice.


Raffles City Shopping Centre
252, North Bridge road

Novena Foodcentre
238 Thomson Road
(Novena MRT)

Marmalade restaurant 
Unit 01-02
36 Purvis Street
Tel 6837 2123
Fax 6837 2124

Longbeach Seafood
1018 East Coast Parkway
Tel: 44 588 33

Key Largo
#01-08 Traders'Market
Clarke Quay
Tel 33 440 55
Fax 33 777 27

Club Chinois-
Orchard Parade Hotel
#02-18 1 Tanglin Road
Tel (65) 83 406 60
Fax (65) 83 405 50

Delhi Restaurant
48-60 Racecourse Road
Tel 294 5276 or:
Tel 296 4585

Club Chinois




Where to have a drink?

Sidewalk Cafe at the Singapore Marriot Hotel.
To see and be seen is this partly outdoors cafe's credo. This is an ideal spot to have drinks when your shopping spree has been a tad bit exhausting, You will only have to drag yourself up Orchard Road, where you have probably spent most of the day amongst the designers' flagship stores. The cafe is comfortably airconditioned, but you still imagine yourself sitting outside. From champagne to a caffe latte, all is available, at steep prizes though.

Nestle down in the designer leather armchairs and be served at the spot by one of Balaclava's waiters. Fancy being in an equally stylish bar in New York, because you will not be able to tell the difference. This is the ideal point for socializing for the posher Singaporeans.

A bit on the dark side is Pravda. You might even need to bring your nightgoggles, because the liughting is really kept to a minimal and the airconditioning is set on freezing cold too. Nevertheless, this is a bar with a definite style factor and a slightly mysterious underground feel to it. Order any cocktail you want and the skilled bartender will prepare it and get waisted in the dark shadows of the Singapore nightlife.

Liquid Room
Liquid Room is part of the Gallery Evason Hotel. Hidden away behind the hotel lies a bar with a dazzling and hip ambiance. You can dance her to on Saturday, but the DJ plays soothing lounge music every night of the week. 

Centro 360
A relatively new addition to Singapore's wide range of bars is Centro 360 near the Fullerton Hotel. Enjoy your consumptions both indoors amongst plush couchons and deep purple couches, reminiscing to a  futuristic arab interior, and outdoors along the water. But it also houses the Embargo Restaurant and a a happening club:
The club entices you to a scenic view of Collyer Quay through its floor-to-ceiling slanting glass walls. You enter the club through a dimly-lit staircase like that of an 'underground club'. A raised platform in the head of the 5000 sq ft club, are for exhibitionists to show off their moves.

Post Bar
While it is certain to evoke comparisons with some of the world's more outstanding contemporary bars, Post Bar has a style which is distinctively its own. Everything here has been created to satiate the senses. The elements of design and colours have been integrated to provide a feast for the eye, in 'Starck style'. The staff can be a bit pushy though.


Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 735 5800

1 Raffles Boulevard
(Suntec City Convension Centre)
Tel: +65 3 391 600 


207 River Valley Road
Tel +65 732 2612

Liquid Room
#01-05 The Gallery Evason Hotel
76 Robertson Quay 
Tel: +65 333 8117
email : info@liquidroom.com.sg

Centro 360
One Fullerton Building
(opposite Fullerton Hotel)

Post Bar
1 Fullerton Square
Tel: +65 6848 827 5839 



Where to Dance?
London has one of the best dance scenes in the world, there's something for everyone. Make sure to check out Time Out magazine for DJ listings.

Zouk is the most internationally renowned nightclub in Singapore. Actually, Zouk is a combination of two more clubs, namely Velvet Underground and Phuture. Located near the Singapore River, these clubs are brought under in former warehouses. The resident deejays include, among others; Andrew Chow and Tony Tay. Also, guest appearances are often being made by quite the established names such as John Digweed, Carl Cox, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Sven Väth, etc.
As just about everywhere in Singapore, the staff is very forthcoming. For instance, your drinks will even be brought to you when ordered at one of the bar's personnel. Surely, anything you ask for will be prepared; the bartenders know their cocktail preparing science very well. Speaking of which, outside you can also enjoy the warm Singaporean nights, with uptempo background music and maybe even some midnight snacks, to prepare you for the intensive night ahead. Again, a vast number of cocktails and frappes are at your choice.
For the more sophisticated drinking, visit the wine bar. Always nice when you are in need of some cool air. Finally, when all you alcoholics are satisfied and are feeling a bit in the mood for some action, the logical next step would be dancing. You can either do this at Zouk, Velvet Underground or Phuture.
Zouk has the biggest dance floor and plays the more techno house orientated music. Also, the crowd that prefers Zouk seems younger. Here is where certain events, such as the Fashion Week Event for young Singaporean designers last September, are being held. Upstairs is the VIP balcony, which gives a nice overview of the dance floor. There is definitely no shortage of bars, by the way. At just about every corner you will find one. Still, with al the affluence of alcohol, no one really seems to get totally ecstatic. The Singaporeans continue to maintain a certain amount of self-control. Which is a bit of a shame when you are used to tearing the roof down. 
Velvet Underground has the more intimate area, with plenty of sitting space and a small dance floor. The main differences between Zouk and the Velvet Underground are those of the music and the crowd.  The music is the more relaxed, funky, melodious kind of house. The crowd is maturer than Zouk's, which is nice, if you have not wetted your pants for more than a few decades. As a bonus, people with priority can place their important derrieres on one of the VIP sofas. Do not despair though. If you look nicely at the VIP persons, they will not be bothered by you sitting next to them, whilst not having paid a single dime. Goodlooking tourists are always interesting, you should know. Zouk is often a place for model scouts, so look your best!  Another area is Phuture, which has a more futuristic interior.

Zouk Club
17 Jiak Kim Street
Tel +65 6738 2988

Sleep Where to Sleep?

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel in Singapore is definitely not your average hotel. It is in fact a hotel, which primarily focuses on its business clientele. This means it will suit certain people better than others. In this review I shall discuss the pros and cons of this type of establishment.
The Millenia Hotel has three restaurants and one lobby lounge, located at different wings and levels of the hotel. The one being even more luxurious than the other, obviously means the menu prices are, to say the least, above standard too. Do not be scared off by this though, for you do get food worth the money. Among many other things, the dishes served include fresh seafood, Chinese haute cuisine, Singapore favourites and delightful desserts. The surroundings in which you are seated could come across as being rather formal and even a bit of a dull affair. Nevertheless, it absolutely does not lack a huge amount of luxurious items, such as very comfortable chairs, private dining rooms, and even exclusively handmade crockery. The restaurants' staff is very friendly, yet it does retain a distant and respectful pose towards the guests. This could, however, come across as being a bit over the top, when you are not custom to such proper manners. The Summer Pavilion, one of the three restaurants, has been voted "One of the top ten hotel restaurants in the world" by Hotels Magazine, and "Best dining experience in Singapore" by the Singapore Tourism Board. On to the rooms, which count the number of sixhundred and ten. Prices range from US$ 274/303 for a  single/double Deluxe Kallang Bay View Room, to a staggering US$ 3111 for the Ritz-Carlton Suite. All rooms  have a great view on the sea and are fully equipped with high standard business facilities, such as a mobile phone and fax. Downstairs is a large computer center. If you are in need of these facilities on a regular bases, this  definitely is a pro. Otherwise, you pay a whole lot a of money for an exaggerated amount of electronics at your diposal.

This is why the hotel's clientele belongs to the stars and the rich businessmen. Celebrities include Mariah Carey, Nino Cerutti, Cindy Crawford, Zhang Zhiyi (Crouching Tiger), George Bush, and the list goes on and on. 
Children will not find the perfect environment in this hotel, though. Apart from everything having been made  safe for the little ones, there is not much to do for them. Focus is set on business guests, without their families.This too brings along the fact that recreational facilities are kept minimal and none too playful. The emphasis is  on an ideal working environment.
Thus, we can conclude that if you are on a holiday in Singapore, and you have a tight budget, skip this hotel. Are you loaded or is your company paying for your stay, you should undoubtedly go for the Ritz-Carlton Millenia. Who would not want to have a butler draw ones bath? 

Fullerton Hotel
The Fullerton Hotel is truly a grand hotel  in every which way. With a design that is functional, the stylish and chic. Philippe Starck fittings symbolise contemporary elegance with functionality. Its accommodations exude a sense of warmth and comfort. The views from the 400 rooms and suites at The Fullerton are unrivalled in Singapore. Rooms overlook the sunlit atrium courtyard, or have verandahs that open out to sweeping views of the city skyline, the river promenade or the bustling harbour.

G@llery Evason - G@llery Hotel
The G@llery Evason, recently renamed 'G@llery Hotel', is Singapore's first riverside designer "HIP" hotel. Anchored to the city on the famous historical Singapore river - a waterfront living experience. The hotel is located in the trendy Robertson Quay entertainment district. Recently, received a "MERIT" SIA - ICI COLOUR 2000 award (architecture category) from the Singapore Institute of Architects and was quoted "Hotel - the whole of Singapore is talking about". 

Grand Plaza Parkroyal 
This 338-room Hotel is unique with its blend of historical grandeur and contemporary finesse.   Located in the heart of a quaint civic and arts district, adjacent to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and opposite the Armenian Church, Asian Civilisation Museum, National Library, Fort Canning Park and Singapore Arts Museum. Walking distance to City Hall MRT station and the Sundeck City Exhibition and Convention Centres. 5 minutes from the Orchard Road shopping haven and Central Business District. 

One of the few remaining great 19th Century hotels in the world. It became a National Monument upon its centenary in 1987. With its unique blend of tropical garden setting and classical architecture, the hotel is the legendary symbol for all "the fables of the Exotic East". Together with its rich history, Raffles Hotel is part of the very fabric of Singapore culture. 
Raffles Hotel, Singapore .


Ritz Carlton Millenia
7 Raffles Avenue,
Singapore 039799
Tel:+ 65-337-8888
Fax: +65-338-0001

Ritz Carlton

The Fullerton Singapore
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178
Tel +65 733 8388
Fax  +65 735 8388
Email: info@fullertonhotel.com

The Gallery Hotel (Evason)
76 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238254
Tel: +65 6-849 8686
Fax: +65 6-836 6666

Grand Plaza Parkroyal
10 Coleman Street
Tel. +65 336 3456
Fax +65 336 3120
Email: gph01@pacific.net.sg

Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road
Tel: +65-6337-1886
Fax: +65-6339-7650
Email: Raffles@raffles.com

Sightseeing Where to do the sightseeing?
Now for some tourist attractions...there is plenty to do in Singapore, make sure to visit some of the Indian Temples & enjoy the rain forest! Some of the all time favourites:

Zoological Garden
Singapore has a world-class zoo and bird park. The open-concept Singapore Zoological Gardens in Mandai houses more than 2,000 creatures in landscaped enclosures. Look out for the feeding-time shows, which take place throughout the day. Highly recommended is the Night Safari, where you avoid the glare of the tropical sun. Walk along the trail at your own pace or relax in a tram ride. New exhibits include spotted South African hyenas, pythons and tarsiers. The Singapore Tourist Promotion Board, and Best New Tourist Attraction in Asean named the Night Safari Leisure Attraction of the Year last year by the Asean Tourism Association. 

For sea-related attractions, hop across to Sentosa. This resort island offers attractions including the Surrender Chamber, Pioneers of Singapore, the Asian Village and a Butterfly Park. Visit the Underwater World, Asia's largest tropical oceanarium that has over 2,000 species of fish that visitors can view from a submerged walkway. Bring your swimsuits and head for Fantasy Island, a theme park of 13 water rides and 31 different water slides. After dark, the Musical Fountain is a spectacular light, sound and water extravaganza staged three times a night. The island can be reached by cable car, ferry or land transport. There are also two deluxe hotels, the Beaufort and Rasa Sentosa, on the island if you want to stay overnight. 

Botanical Gardens
To find true relaxation, pay a visit to the most beautiful orchid gardens in the world, which are the Botanical Gardens of Singapore. A must see...

Enjoy your stay! For more tourist attractions please visit:

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