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Iconique Magazine: In The Know with Gilbert Boisson


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What Is Sexy?

Burberry Prorsum

I have always been of the opinion, that in the beginning, there was light and then sound.
And sometime in between the creation of light and sound, there came the act of a
nameless diva who managed to seduce her lover into sampling a piece of fruit that resulted in the fall of all man and womankind and the exile from their garden paradise. Well within the midst of this debacle, I am quite certain there was a question that came about while the nameless vixen was modeling the fruit in an offered attempt to entice her partner that has since arisen throughout the minds of many-“isn’t this sexy?” A simple pose and quiet gesture while perhaps wearing nothing more than a leaf… and all to appease the sensibilities of the root of all evil.
It is casual and sublime in its modern and everyday frame of reference, and still it’s subject to an open perception on either side of the gender school of thought. “Is this sexy?” And is what a woman thinks of as being a gift from the gods, all for an evening of empty lauding, the same as what a man observes as he subtly scans from across the room in hopes of responding to that timeless question?

Take the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos, balanced with some legs and Chloe denim; add to that a set of oversized D&G frames and the world’s hottest tee underneath the blazer du jour with your hair pulled back and a brand-studded belt while seen Coach-bagging it down 6th Ave and you’d think you’d have it made, right? Or how about you in your Blahnik stilettos- casually strapped, with a silk-embroidered blouse left spilling in and out of an open waist that’s been holding onto a skirt and screaming for attention. Your lobes are raining silver; your wrists are crowded by the gaudy and obscene while your neck breathes free with a plain of bronzing skin; and never mind the sales or lingering collections, because you’re not the girl who needs to be seen in a season that has since come and gone.

It’s modern and it’s youth; it’s seduction and it’s innocence that’s been thrown out and begging for an answer… “is this sexy?”

And is it? Our nameless diva’s masculine counterpart might have had something to say about her choice of fruit and opted stance had she only asked; because after all- men do see things differently.

Because for men, it isn’t about the brand or name or parade of given movements. It isn’t about a weekend boutique’s accessories or the shape of a tinted lens that covers your baby blues. And it isn’t about an underage waif who’s been given a one-to-two page spread in the pages of British Vogue.

So then- what is it all about? It’s about the aesthetic… it’s about the idea and the promise of something classic and something true. It’s about the suggestion and the romance of the suggestion. It’s about the ability to create the illusion and then to take it away before it has a chance to be revealed. Men crave the chase and desire the unwilling; the intrigue of enigma is a powerful muse and reflects in the smile that he gives as he’s walking away.

And it’s a familiar smile… the glance of more than a thousand words that somehow still manages to keep you guessing and throwing out the phrase, “is this sexy?”

Burberry Prorsum

Well, ladies- here are a few helpful hints and guiding rules created just for you to answer the given question on just such an occasion.

1) If it must be Gucci, then it must black. No man wants a woman who’s been running around flaunting a piece that isn’t in its purest form and color.

2) The question of “heels over flats” is answered with a word: comfort! Work with what you have and allow yourself the luxury of the long-forgotten tradition of comfort in the world of fashion trends. Men always love to see a woman who can, quite literally, carry herself well.

3) As for the age-old argument of long hair vs. short- it’s a matter of personal taste for each and every one of us. There’s something glam about the two extremes, so the answer simply put is “yes, it’s sexy!”

4) Regarding all outfits- keep it simple. A clean and guarded look can always take you further as long as you have something more to offer- a clever mind and a cheeky smile can steal you a kiss any time.

5) Save the scanty clubbing garb for the women who don’t mind looking like they’re ready for the bedroom while they’re out in public. Sexy is about an attitude that reveals an inner peace and consistent self assurance. Clothing and accessories only act as an exterior reflection of these things. And most men, the ones who matter, can recognize the difference between an insecure, brand-cluttered so-called fashionista and an absolute darling who simply has a way about her and just happens to look divine in her new YSL pumps and Burberry Prorsum trench.


The gender lines that blur and attempt to define our perception of what actually is
and isn’t sexy are completely remote and arbitrary at best. It can be found in a face,
in a look or an image. It’s in the way that she turns or a feeling inside and nature’s
hand in playing this game. But above all else, it is undeniably sexy.

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