“it is a pity people have forgotten about the basics”

Born in the mid sixties, Michael left school and spent his time travelling, taking photographs. 'I always had an obsession with any kind of image so it made sense to become a photographer' He is completely self taught, having rejected the conventional way of learning.

'I have never been interested in the style displayed in many fashion magazines, so empty, contrived and pretentious. I have always maintained that the more you add in terms of lighting, make-up, props etc the more you devalue the photograph. If the image is to have any real value it has to be truthful.'

Michael struggled at the beginning of his career. His approach seemed too direct, too simple. Now his style has become more accepted and sought after. With Richard Kern, Corrine Day and Terry Richardson as his contemporaries photography has forced the realisation that there is more to a fashion picture than shiny hair and mascara. 'The model is the most important element in my work. Whether I am walking the streets of Paris or sitting on the Moscow Metro I am constantly searching for that 'face'


Pictures: Mike Dowson © Copyright

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